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5 Tricks for a healthier lunch

Good eating habits are about what you eat, when and how. That’s what you get by eating two main meals-breakfast and dinner and a couple of great lunch in between.

But what is really a healthy lunch?

First, it is important to eat just in time-it sounds simple but is not so easy in practice. A balanced composition of carbohydrates such as, for example, food Groats (wheat, oatmeal, food grains, etc.), good quality protein (fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, beans and lentils), as well as fat (fatty fish, rapeseed oil, avocados and nuts) is also a good goal, as well as enough fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is healthy to reduce the amount of red meat and Charcot products. Of the vegetables, however, you should pour on and eat a lot.

Just enough energy

According to the new model of the Food Agency, half of the contents of the plate should consist of just root vegetables and vegetables for those who do not move so much. The important thing is that a healthy lunch contains a lot of nutrition and just in time with energy for you.

Making a weekly food note and ready-made lunch boxes will facilitate for many. Then the impulse purchases will decrease when you are at the very hungriest. Take inspiration from the narrow Quebec here at for example.

Quickly can also be useful

Many associate the word fast food with junk food, but so it really does not have to be. There is a lot that can be quickly fixed and is good for health. For example, Matija salads are perfect to bring for lunch at work. And what you can mix in your salad is really just the imagination that puts an end to. Why not mix fruits with vegetables? Melon, feta cheese, and beans are good and good basis.

If you have the habit of having lunch buffets out there, there is a clever trick that actually makes you eat healthier. Always start with the vegetables. Or choose a smaller plate so you do not risk β€œovereating”. In addition, the scourge becomes less. Good for both you and the environment.

5 Tricks for a healthier eating

1. Eat regularly. Don’t wait for you to be starving. Then there is the risk that you make less smart choices when you are going to eat.

2. Bet on as clean and low-calorie foods as possible.

3. Never skip a meal. Then it’s easier to fall for temptations when you’re starving.

4. Have a lot of green on the plate.

5. Eat slowly and gladly together with someone. By chewing properly and also sitting down and talking to someone, you will have time to feel the saturation before you have eaten too much.

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