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5 tricks for a healthy breakfast

A cup of coffee or tea with another sandwich-is that what you usually eat for breakfast? You’re not alone. It is the most common breakfast in Europe.

A good breakfast, of course, but, unfortunately, it usually does not provide enough energy and nutrition. But there are a few simple little tricks that will turn your Favorite into a good and healthy breakfast.

Sometimes it only takes a few small changes to fix a healthy breakfast. For example, adding a fruit or vegetable, varying the strain and taking a small bowl of quark or yogurt can make all the difference.

1. Porridge, muesli, and crispbread

Choose carbohydrates with high fiber content, for example, useful oatmeal porridge. You get energy in the form of carbohydrates but also fiber.

2. Cheese, eggs, and ham

Many eat a little protein for breakfast and much more in the evening. At the same time, studies show that it is good to spread out protein intake over the day. Toppings such as cheese, eggs, and ham provide protein and other nutrients. Liver pate is a great way to get in iron. Milk, file, and yogurt also provide good protein.

3. Butter, avocado, and nuts

Good fats are important to get in themselves. The food agency’s recommendation is to choose low-fat dairy products in front of feta. Or why not have avocados as toppings, useful with good fat quality. Almonds and nuts also contribute to good fat, and also with vitamins and minerals.

4. Vitamins and minerals

Fruit and green give color and energy to a healthy breakfast. If you put something green on the sandwich and take another fruit, you will get easier in yourself the recommended dose of 500 g of fruit and Green per day. 5 cups of low-fat milk or equivalent amount of milk products provide a large portion of the Daily need for calcium and several other essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Sea goods

Do you find it difficult to get up in the recommended 2-3 fish meals per week? You’re not alone. By varying the strain on the sandwiches, you can smartly get more fish into the diet. Salmon in any form, mackerel, herring or tuna can fit well on the breakfast sandwich. Feel free to mix with cottage cheese or cream cheese for a slightly milder taste and add something green. Morning fatigue? Make a mess in the evening that you can just click on the sandwich in the morning. Most messes last a few days in the fridge.

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