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Healthy Desserts: Can Healthy Food Be Delicious?

According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the Earth considers himself a sweet tooth and cannot live a day without eating a piece of chocolate or treat yourself to a delicious cake. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are gaining popularity many people become vegans or vegetarians, sit on a diet and stubbornly refuse to even look towards the window with desserts.

Those who sit on a diet and are engaged in the gym, consider it their duty to instruct on the “true path” of their friends, who do not deny themselves to eat something tasty. In fact, they just do not know, now there are many useful desserts they are not just very tasty, but also have a detoxifying effect. Now we will tell you what sweets you allow yourself to Hollywood stars and millions of fitness around the world.

Low-calorie healthy desserts

In Europe, there are many cafes that serve delicious treats with minimal calories. Baked pear with honey and cinnamon, spinach soufflΓ© with cranberry sauce and a sprig of mint, muffins with banana and caramel, sweet potato mousse with chocolate and pineapple… Agree, only the names have to rush to search for recipes on the Internet or go to a healthy food cafe and order such unique healthy desserts. You will be surprised, but almost all these Goodies can be prepared at home it will take a minimum of time. You only need a little imagination and certain products. Such desserts are prepared very quickly, and their usefulness is much higher than that of purchased buns and cakes.

Gluten-free cookies

Lovers of crunching something over a Cup of fragrant tea should pay attention to cookies, which do not contain any harmful components. On our website, there are several varieties, each of which has a unique taste. The composition of the cookies includes beet juice, coconut shavings and oil, grape sugar, almonds, dark chocolate RAW and some other components. Just a couple of cookies a day will charge you with strength and energy, satisfy the need for sweets, help you effortlessly lose extra pounds. Want to cook them yourself? Record several secret technologies.


You will need:

  • Jerusalem artichoke syrup
  • 2 tbsp. almonds and flax seeds (can be replaced with Chia)
  • Β½ Tsp cinnamon and vanilla
  • Dark chocolate bar
  • 3 tablespoons of oatmeal

Grind almonds in a blender, pour into a large bowl. Add oatmeal, cinnamon and vanilla, flax seeds, Jerusalem artichoke juice and mix until smooth. Melt the chocolate in a water bath, add to the mixture and make cookies from it (the form can be absolutely any). Send in the freezer for half an hour-ready. The recipe is very simple, but the taste is simply divine.

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