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Healthy Snacks for Children

You can prepare healthy snacks at home so that your child returning from school in the evening does not attack junk food. Molasses-apple cake, home crisps, and cheese-French toast recipes can be a good alternative for your children.

I think the two most important meals for children after schools open are breakfast and snack time on the return to school. School success, a continuation of growth and development, healthy and happy children can quickly become an epidemic in order to protect the fall disease that needs to be fed. I have no doubt that the families are sensitive about this because there are so many questions about it and our advice is being followed with interest.

The most important meal is breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for children. It has been proven by scientific research that regular breakfast every morning has a positive effect on learning. Breakfast makes the child more successful. The boy feels full of energy for a long time. I would like to remind you once again that the incidence of obesity in children who eat breakfast is less in the advanced period.

Be an example

Kids usually prefer to do what they see and what they want instead of doing what they’re told. He can even argue with you about it very quickly. I often witness this situation in many mother-child or father conversations that we follow as a family in our clinic. If the father does not eat breakfast, the child defends himself by setting an example of this situation and does not eat. You need to see being a good model for your children’s behavior and eating habits as an important legacy that you will leave to them.

Review the school meal list

If your child is eating at school, ask the school for the menu. Review the varieties served in the morning, lunch, and decks. Try to balance your dinner choices and the snacks you’ll prepare on your way home from school. Talk to your child about the food sold in the canteen, telling you what they’re eating can at least help you create balance in your diet for the next day.

Don’t forget the egg

For your child, meat, chicken, and fish are important sources of animal protein during the growth and development period. If you do not have the opportunity to cook such meals every day, make sure to eat eggs and balance the dried legumes with yogurt. Eggs are the most valuable source of protein after breast milk. Choose vegetables and fruit in season. At least 2 cups of milk or yogurt every day. Nuts, almonds and dried fruits with walnuts are good decedent options. Use your own recipes at home for dessert, preferring molasses or honey instead of sugar. Make sure he eats fruit every day.

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