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How to make a healthy breakfast at home in two minutes?

It is not always easy to find inspiration early in the morning something that can result in breakfast suffering or failing completely. Here you will find some tips on healthy breakfasts that are ready in record time.

A healthy and tasty breakfast is the perfect start of the day. In addition to getting energy, it also sets the tone for the next few hours. It is actually possible to treat yourself to a really good meal without compromising too much with the precious time in the morning.

Granola with fresh berries

Why not make your own granola where you choose what should be in? Here you can really vary the content with different useful nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Make a large batch that will last for several weeks then you have a delicious breakfast that does not even take a minute to fix.

Pouring up a bowl of healthy granola that you additionally made yourself increases the enjoyment even more. Eat it with yogurt, fresh berries or sliced fruit.

Protein Root with topping

This is really a treat for those who move around and need a nutritious breakfast in no time. It comes ready in sachets and takes only two minutes to cook. The porridge is a good source of fiber with low sugar content, contains 22 percent protein and fits perfectly together with some cold milk and a click of peanut butter.

Smoothie in a snap

A smoothie is a great option for those who have neither the time nor the desire to fix breakfast in the mornings. Then just throw in the fruit and berries you like along with some water, juice or sugar-free yogurt in a blender and you have a great morning meal.

Tip: Make the smoothie richer in nutrition and fiber by pouring the powder into the protein root. So it’s easy to get a tasty and healthy breakfast in just a couple of minutes.

Sandwich with avocado

If you like some chewing resistance in the morning, then the avocado mask is something for you. Take a slice of rye bread, or any other coarse bread, and slice up half an avocado as toppings. Sprinkle little chili flakes and a pinch of salt. Simple, tasty and useful!

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