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Is it worth eating lunch with proper nutrition?

Every main meal matters. Breakfast gives a charge of vivacity, lunch-provides energy until the evening, dinner relaxes. If you skip one of the meals, the balance of the daily diet will be disturbed.

There is an opinion that there is nothing wrong if you do not have lunch or skip another meal. However, the body is constantly in need of food, and long breaks in food are a sign of danger for him.

We understand what the importance of lunch with proper nutrition is.

General recommendations: When and how you can eat?

If you sweep everything off the table for lunch, nothing good will happen. Immediately begins to tend to sleep, reduced concentration and attention, the desire to do anything disappears. You need to eat right to stay full and cheerful.

Eat at the same hours. The best time for lunch is 12.00-15.00. During this period, the digestive system works well, so even relatively dense food is easier and faster absorbed and digested.

To make the right choice, if you have to dine outside the home. In catering establishments, there are almost always salads with fresh vegetables and soups on the menu. They can be eaten up to 300 g. for the second it is better to choose fish or meat, but only 100 g. If the menu is only business Lunches, you can order the first and second course for half a portion. Or refuse to garnish.

Reduce the calorie content of the first course. The soup should not be such that “the spoon stood”. If you add a minimum of fat, potatoes, and pasta, the taste of the dish does not change much, but the calorie content will be significantly reduced. Cook better with lean meat and lean fish. If there is a goal to lose weight, the soup should be the only dish for lunch.

Drink liquid before eating. Lunch should start with a glass of water, unsweetened tea or vegetable juice. This will fill the stomach and reduce the amount of food eaten. The same effect is given by a large portion of salad from fresh vegetables.

Protein food on the second. A great option is meat and fish, but not fried, but baked, steamed or stewed. As a garnish, it is better to use stewed vegetables and cereals.

Calorie lunch should be 35-40% of the daily norm. It is necessary to eat slowly, carefully chewing food. It is not recommended to eat dessert for lunch or to wash down food with sweet drinks. It is better to leave them for an afternoon snack.


It is necessary to have lunch always, without forgetting about food intake useful for an organism neither at home nor at work. Do not deprive the body of nutrients and force it to stock up for the future.

Most of the dishes that can be included in the daily menu do not require huge financial costs and time to prepare.

Lunch should be dense, but not such that after it with difficulty to get up from the table.

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