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Although many of us seem to be dreaming of harmless snacks, there are actually many options. After all, who will refuse to treat yourself to an interesting dish as a snack or at the holiday table? And there is nothing wrong with this, the main thing is to serve and eat only healthy snacks.

Perhaps you immediately thought about a large number of hated products, which since childhood are known to you as useful, but completely tasteless. We hasten to dissuade you and please: snacks without harmful products are not only not inferior in taste to their “harmful colleagues”, but often surpass them.

Snack roll with cheese

A simple and quick snack from the series “guests on the doorstep”! Believe me; everyone will be surprised that you managed to cook a delicious, elegant roll in just 20 minutes! Besides, it has its own taste!

Stuffed tomatoes in the Italian style

Appetizer on the theme “a La Caprese”! Easy to prepare, easy in calories, and most importantly-spicy, fresh and delicious!

Appetizer of pepper with cheese

Very interesting, unusual and delicious hot appetizer that will decorate the evening of the weekend, because it is perfect for wine. Serve the peppers will be with a fragrant hot tomato sauce!

Summer pates

I suggest you try a very hearty and light summer pates. Just 30 minutes of time and a healthy snack on your table. And if you take freshly picked vegetables from the garden, it will be doubly delicious!

Scrambled eggs in the oven without milk

If in the morning there is absolutely no time to prepare Breakfast, I suggest using this recipe, and make an omelet in the oven without milk at home. This is a delicious, very simple dish.

Salting cabbage with beets

It’s a salting cabbage with beets in Georgian. The recipe is one of my favorites. And actually, many people love everything that is related to cabbage and beets! Lovely crispy vegetables!

Omelet without milk in the microwave

For those who are in a hurry in the morning, and Breakfast should be prepared for a large family or company, there is a simple recipe for an omelet without milk in the microwave. Preparing an omelet for five minutes.

Grilled vegetables in the oven

This recipe is for those who cannot for some reason get out into nature to enjoy gatherings around the campfire.

The chicken aspic and gelatin free

Chicken jelly has significant advantages. It is not so fat and high-calorie, more dietary, and also always turns out transparent, beautiful yellowish shade, with a pleasant delicate taste.

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