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The Importance of Eating a Healthy Breakfast

A delicious morning meal gives you a lot of advantages: it improves concentration ability and facilitates weight control. Eating a proper breakfast will also help you keep the size of the lunch portion moderate.

Do I have to have breakfast?

Whether you need breakfast or not, is a discussed topic. Those who are accustomed to do without breakfast often vote for the fact that it is not needed and those who are accustomed to having breakfast would not be able to imagine themselves without.

Eating breakfast has been proven to improve the performance of children and young adults in tasks that require accuracy, concentration, and memory, compared to children and young adults who do not eat breakfast. Performance is better both immediately after breakfast as well as later morning, which is a noticeable benefit also for people who work in offices.

From the point of view of weight loss, one is not necessarily better than the other option, but from the point of view of weight control (weight control involves not only weight loss, but the often more difficult and longer-term bite), it is better to eat a proper breakfast. When looking at research results at the population level, generally speaking, those who eat breakfast have a lower body weight than those who do not eat breakfast.

A good breakfast helps you with several things in weight control and helps you concentrate during the morning at work, facilitates a healthy lunch choice and reduces the risk of snacking in the evening. It is easier to choose a healthy and light lunch; if you are not too hungry then you sit down at the lunch table. Eating most of the day’s energy intake during the day instead of the evening works smoothly when eating enough and versatile from the morning all over the day.

It is rarely thought that a good breakfast is “one of the main meals of the day”, and affects the whole of the day from a health perspective. A healthy breakfast includes enough fiber, which people usually get too little of. Enough fiber you will get if, in addition to yogurt, porridge or bread, you add any fresh vegetable or fruit to your breakfast. If the breakfast does not contain fruits or vegetables at all, then the goal of the day of half a kilogram of Green is usually difficult to achieve.

It doesn’t taste, I don’t have time

If breakfast does not taste right away when you wake up, or you simply do not have time to have breakfast at home, you can have your breakfast when you come to work or school. Throughout the week’s breakfast, you can bring good to the workplace in advance; yogurt, porridge, fruit, and muesli are stored for a long time.

You do not have to eat your breakfast right away when you wake up; it is enough that you eat it within a couple of hours after you wake up. Although you do not eat your breakfast right away, it still helps to control hunger during the day.

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