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Tips for cooking healthy desserts

Often, guilt is called from eating desserts. A dessert is often a calorie bomb that contains a lot of unnecessary sugar, bad carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats. Sometimes dessert contains even more calories than the meal itself. Many desserts are not only unhealthy for the body, but they make you fat again. This does not have to be.

Nowadays, various ingredients are obtained for the preparation of a dessert, whereby the bad sugar and carbohydrates can be omitted. With these tips for healthy desserts, you’ll have on your table a sensible dessert in no time!

Almond flour vs. wheat flour

Most desserts think of cakes and muffins, made from flour. The flower has a glycemic index higher than sugar. You’ve probably heard of sugar that makes you drowsy, sleepy and thick. This makes Flower thus also with the body. Blood sugar rises faster with flour than sugar. This means that you will still duffer and sleepier will feel when eating flour compared to sugar.

Almond flour is nothing more than ground almonds. It contains, like almonds, lots of healthy unsaturated fats and high content of protein. It contains vitamin E and low in carbohydrates. There are so many carbohydrates almost four times as flower as almond flour. These carbohydrates are, in fact, of starch and sugar. If you choose a diet consisting mainly of carbohydrates, such as wheat flour, then the blood sugar rises very quickly and makes you a lot of pancreas insulin. The large amount of insulin blood sugar level falls again, so that there are peaks and troughs that are formed. As a result you get sent a signal to your brain: feeling food! From eating fats and proteins, your body just satisfied sooner, as opposed to eating carbohydrates. Carbohydrates may just make you hungrier faster and eat again so it is more likely that you have more to eat sweets.

Egg in desserts

With a few eggs, spices like cinnamon, extracts of vanilla, whipped cream and maybe some fruit, you stand as a fresh dessert on the table. By beating egg dessert creamy taste. Often these desserts are to be laid against eggs, to prepare quickly and easily.

Previously often said a week more than 1 or 2 eggs to eat because it would raise cholesterol. It was believed then that a long time it would be unhealthy to eat one egg every day. Eating cholesterol would lead to cardiovascular disease. Nothing could be less true, only eggs contain many nutrients such as valuable vitamins and minerals and high-quality protein.

Is chocolate healthy?

If it takes place in a dessert ingredient like chocolate, go to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is healthy because of cocoa beans. This bean is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals that age us faster and make more presidential to disease. In addition, antioxidants support fat burning and improve metabolism and digestion. Dark chocolate has been shown to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol) by about 10%.

Dark chocolate also helps to keep your blood work better flow. This has a beneficial effect on your heart. Lowering blood pressure and preventing blood clots. Good blood circulation also has a beneficial effect on the mind. It makes the risk of stroke off. By eating dark chocolate, blood sugar levels stabilize. A small piece of dark chocolate anyone can make sure you don’t feel like eating different foods and can prevent binge eating.

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