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Top Healthiest Desserts

A healthy dessert is traditionally considered to be the rejection of dessert, including even a Cup of espresso, not to mention cheese. But with a certain look at things, you can find ways to leave dessert on the menu and at the same time not to err against dietary commandments.

Oatmeal cookies

Nuts in this cookie can be added different. And the more different nuts, the tastier. For example, walnut can be combined with almonds or sunflower seeds. Cookies after the oven is very soft, you need to wait at least half an hour for it to harden.

Chocolate banana cake without baking

Yes, it really is a cake without baking: it is prepared in the refrigerator. Pour hot chocolate cold cake is better immediately before serving and each piece separately.

Prunes in chocolate

To taste the nuts and raisins more felt through the prunes, instead of a blender, you can use a knife and cut them into small pieces. Add the remaining ingredients to them in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Hot chocolate is better to make quality tiles with a chocolate content of at least 70%. To properly melt the chocolate bar, it must be broken into small pieces, placed in a metal bowl and put the bowl in a water bath. Or put in a glass cup and put in the microwave.

Tartlets with mango cream

Instead of mango in these tartlets, you can use the more close to us the fruit is the peach. And instead of the usual sugar syrup, you can use syrup from the sorghum plant. The stems of sugar sorghum are crushed and pressed. The resulting juice is filtered using membranes and natural resins, while not heating it above 70Β°C. sorghum Syrup is thermostable, so it can be added to hot drinks, used in baking and even cook sweets or caramel from it, in a word, used as a natural and safe replacement for refined sugar and sugar syrup.

Baked pear

For this recipe, pears are better to take soft and juicy. They give more juice when baked in the oven. Instead of sugar, you can use maple syrup. It adds not only sweetness but also flavor. For some reason, many advocates of healthy eating distinguish maple syrup from other supermarket syrups and consider it even useful.

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