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What to eat in the evening to lose weight?

No meal is surrounded by so many myths and stereotypes as dinner. The principles of healthy eating refute them. It is not necessary to suffer hunger, forbidding to itself food after 18-00, to give nutritious and tasty dishes to the enemy or to be limited to a glass of kefir of “zero” fat content. Dinner can and should help in weight loss-its only in its proper organization.

Long skipping meals disrupts metabolism, harms the gastric mucosa, and interferes with the construction of muscle tissue and metabolic processes that the body “starts” at night. Not eating dinner, a person in the evening with difficulty falls asleep, and healthy full sleep is the key to effective weight loss.

In the morning there is a decline of strength, it is hard to Wake up and get up. This does not give for evening overeating and excess of daily calories. Dinner for weight loss-time eaten, nutrient-rich dishes that will not cause heaviness and will not prevent to lose weight.

Things to remember

Healthy eating has 70-80% success rate in weight loss. Regardless of the composition of the dinner, for weight loss, it is necessary to adhere to the balance in meals and the total daily calorie intake for weight loss. Therefore, it is important to organize proper nutrition throughout the day.

“Sitting on snacks” and evening overeating (even within the calorie limit) leads to digestive and metabolic disorders, as well as a break between meals of 12 hours or more.

Mandatory Breakfast and lunch are not questioned by any professional nutritionist, nutritionist and fitness trainer. However, the energy value and composition of the PFC is necessary for the efficient spread between all meals and follow a diet.

Methods of their preparation

The essence of the evening meal is the preparation of the body for night rest, optimization of the metabolic process, which does not stop in sleep. Dishes for dinner are recommended not to fry, but to bake, stew or cook for a couple (in a steamer, in a water bath). It is important to include fiber in the dishes, which will clean the gastrointestinal tract from decay products and “garbage” accumulated during the day.

At night, the body intensively “builds” muscle tissue, and it needs proteins. The “building material” suitable for dinner is lean meat and poultry (rabbit, chicken or Turkey, veal), eggs, cheese and tofu as a protein Supplement. The optimal main dish for the evening is fish or seafood.

An abundance of phosphorus, omega-acids, iodine and other nutrients will benefit, and easy digestibility will not feel heavy in the stomach. Suitable tuna, pink salmon, cod, haddock, trout, hake and other low-and moderate-fat fish. Seafood includes mussels, squid, shrimp and scallops.

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